Announcing BlockToken's Pre-ICO Token AirDrop 6 years ago

BlockToken AirDrop

BlockToken is Undertaking a 15 Million Token Airdrop (Value of $3.75M)

BlockToken is doing an airdrop to build a community and distribute the tokens to a wide network. The airdrop allocation is 15 million BLT Tokens (total value $3.75m based on full token price of $0.25) to registered participants.

Register and invite friends to our airdrop to receive BLT Tokens – earn more by placing high on the Leaderboard at the end of the Airdrop.


BlockToken AirDrop

Top leaderboard prizes:

  • 1st prize 200,000 tokens,
  • 2nd prize 140,000 tokens,
  • 3rd prize 100,000 tokens,
  • 4th prize 75,000 tokens,
  • 5th prize 50,000 tokens.

Also we will have 100 random winners (irrespective of your leaderboard rank) of 10,000 tokens each announced at the end of the airdrop.

Registrations for the Airdrop will close 20th October 2018, we will announce the token distribution date closer to the end of the Airdrop campaign.

Register for the AirDrop Now!

Airdrop Rewards

  • Each registrant will receive 400 BLT Tokens ($100 value)
  • For each registered referral, you will get another 50 BLT Tokens
  • For social actions you can earn up to another 20 BLT Token per action

Additional Leaderboard Prizes for the Top 100

We will award the top 100 registered participants an additional prize based on their total rewards tally as follows:

  • Top 5 leaders as above
  • Rank 6 to 50 – a further bonus 20,000 each,
  • Rank 51 to 100 – a further bonus 10,000 each.

The Leaderboard prize is in addition to any tokens you generate from referring users.

Random Draw Prize Winners

We will award the 100 random participants throughout the airdrop with an additional 10,000 tokens each. Selection will be at random and is irrespective of your position or current stakes tally.

Get Over 20 Referrals and Earn a Bonus

Get over 20 registered referrals and earn a further 2,000 bonus tokens.

How the AirDrop Works

Fill in the registration form at and follow the instructions on the page. The airdrop is limited to 15 million tokens and will close once the maximum allocation is received or the close date is reached for the AirDrop.

You need to follow a few easy steps which includes joining our social channels:






Joining our community will keep you updated with all events and progress of BlockToken for the Token Sale and Airdrop.

All the latest rules and terms of the AirDrop are at

Referrals and Earning Additional Rewards

On registration you will receive a referral URL – use this to invite friends to the AirDrop and be rewarded when they sign up.

Token Distribution Date

Token distribution date is yet to be finalised. If the Token Sale timetable is postponed for any reason, we reserve the right to postpone airdrop distribution.

EOS Wallet

BLT Tokens are EOS native (mainnet) tokens. You will need an EOS compatible wallet to receive the BLT Tokens. You can set this up now or just before we announce the distribution date.


Verified Users

You will need to verify your email address and referrals if we suspect a user of using fake accounts, dummy email addresses or spamming we reserve the right to ban you and any referrals from the AirDrop program. We will ask you to complete a KYC form prior to distribution of the tokens.


Do I need to have EOS in my wallet?

You don’t need to have EOS in your wallet for this current BlockToken AirDrop.


Token Escrow

Leaderboard winners will have their tokens escrowed for between 3 and 6 months.


Do I need to stay registered with BlockToken?

Yes, if you unsubscribe before airdrop distribution you will not be qualified for the BlockToken airdrop.


Do I need to stay in Telegram group of BlockToken?

Yes, to be eligible for airdrop you need to be a member of the community.


How does the referral system work?

Rewards are per registered and confirmed referral, there is no cap except the closing date and total allotment of tokens for all signed up participants.

After completion of the form, each registrant gets a unique referral link. The dashboard can be found here:


What if the 15 million cap is not reached?

We are aiming for at least 10,000 participants in the airdrop, if the cap is not reached, we may elect to run a second airdrop round.


Leaderboard Rules

The leaderboard is calculated on total value of points for registering and referring other users to the AirDrop campaign. To be awarded points anyone you refer must also register for the AirDrop and remain registered for the full program.

To win any of the top 5 prizes you must generate at least 500 referrals. If this is not reached we’ll distribute prize allocations to all on the leaderboard based on their proportional stakes.

Email addresses must be valid and each user must provide an EOS address to receive the tokens (fake registrations will reduce your overall standing on the leaderboard and will result in disqualification).

Register for the AirDrop Now!