Announcing BlockTokenAI a Next Generation ICO Platform 6 years ago

BlockToken Next Gen Token Issuance

BlockTokenAI is a Platform Designed to Accelerate ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

BlockToken is a distribution platform for Initial Coin Offerings and Token Offerings. ICOs need an audience and mass investor reach to be successful and through BlockToken we manage the audience build and reach to your future token holders and potential customers for your products and services.

Block Token ICO Marketing

What are ICOs?

A new way of raising funds for startups that displaces traditional angel investors and venture capital funds.

An Initial Coin Offering, also known as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether. It is occasionally described as being similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) where a company sells shares to the public and lists on a stock exchange. However, the key distinction being that the majority of token offerings do not consider themselves an issue of securities and usually ICOs are undertaken to provide funding to build a new product.

What does Block Token do?

  • A platform for fundraising, marketing and issuing tokens
  • Seamless token issuances – token creation, issuance and exchange trading
  • Ability to create complex tokens, income streams and security like tokens
  • Ability for fractionalising and tokenising assets
  • Develop and manage global and local crypto and brand audiences
  • Distribution capacity for token offerings through partners, brokers and media
  • Integrated ICO underwriting mechanism (via partner funds)

BlockToken Summary Activities


BlockToken is a next-generation token issuance, funding, distribution and exchange platform.

An end to end proposition that encompasses onboarding, distribution to investors, token issuance and post-ICO liquidity and governance.

  • Token issuance and offer structure, automation and access to an investor audience
  • Complex token and security features and protocols
  • Jurisdictional and regulatory clarity and simplification in a rapidly evolving space

We are a holistic ecosystem for ICO growth, distribution, and liquidation. Marketing Snapshot


You can see BlockTokenAI here and participate in the BlockToken planned ICO by contacting Genson Glier .