Introducing GoWell Health Connecting You to Chiropractors On Demand 1 year ago

GoWell Health Mobile App Screenshot

Kapitalized is Working with Go Well Health a New Startup in the Allied Health Space

Kapitalized is helping an early stage venture called GoWell Health with business development, financial modelling and launch execution.

GoWell is a mobile based platform that connects consumers in need of remedial help with allied health professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals.

You can see the GoWell website here.

The Opportunity

The Allied Healthcare market is fragmented, large and reports over 120 million bookings annually, mostly through 1-2 person businesses.

Chiros and physios typically rely on word of mouth to generate business and have limited time and resources to drive new customers and repeat bookings, unlike the larger medical centres in the GP and dentistry sectors.

What is Unique About the GoWell Health Model?

GoWell is a no risk proposition for health practitioners delivering new customers and revenues on a pay for success model unlike traditional directory models that either use a pay per lead or monthly subscription.

For consumers GoWell Health will be the only on demand booking platform in the Australian market when launched.

Video – How GoWell Health Works for Consumers


Seed Funding and Partnerships

GoWell Health is looking for seed funding and early stage partners in the Allied health and health sectors that can add value through driving consumers and patients and have connections with health professionals.

How to get in touch

Contact Jakomi Mathews, Founder at [email protected] (see the founder’s profile at for product demos and discuss the technology or Ivan Mantelli at [email protected] to see the pitchdeck.