QuantSpring - Financial & Data Analysis Platform 7 years ago

Introducing QuantSpring Financial Analysis Market

QuantSpring.com is a new financial and Data Analysis platform launched by one of the LendingHub founders. QuantSpring connects businesses that need financial analysis work completed and data projects with financial analysts, advisers and data experts.

The need for a secure way to contract for short-term work in the financial services industry is clear as many small and large businesses have data and financial analysis needs that require expert advice and skills but for only a short-term. QuantSpring helps bridge the gap and is designed for the following sorts of projects:

  • Financial and forecast modelling
  • Operational and finance models
  • Asset and business valuations
  • Derivatives and risk hedging analysis
  • Insurance probability and payout profiles
  • Cost of capital and return on investment analysis
  • Data analysis from a wide range of sources (consumers, trends, science etc)

For Analysts and Financial Freelancers

QuantSpring is designed to connect with contractors in the financial and data analysis segments. If you are a financial analyst you can easily become a freelancer on QuantSpring and have access to a range of projects for tender. QuantSpring suits financial services freelancers such as:

  • Financial analysts
  • Managed fund managers
  • Quant analysts
  • Data and statistics modellers
  • Business and asset valuers
  • Insurance and risk assesors
  • Business and strategy planners

Visit QuantSpring Financial Analysis Market and QuantSpring Financial Insights Blog.