Seed Funding for Australian Start-ups by LaunchPad Capital 13 years ago

A New Venture Capital Fund for Australian Start-ups

Today we introduce a new Venture Capital Fund, LaunchPad Capital based in Sydney that provides seed capital funds for early stage ventures across a range of sectors.

As many business owners know it is hard for business founders to raise capital at an early stage in their business when they need funds the most. In response to this gap in the market LaunchPad Capital has been founded to focus on these early stage businesses including investment at the concept stage.

>> You can find out more about LaunchPad Capital at their website, and their venture capital and seed funding blog for entrepreneurs.

About Launchpad Capital

LaunchPad Capital focusses on businesses that need $50,000 to $500,000 equity fundingĀ  and have a passionate founder willing to drive business growth and can work with a strategic investor.

LaunchPad Capital is founded and managed by a team of experienced partners with deep skills in business investment, building start-ups and strategic planning for high growth businesses.

Areas of interestĀ  for investment are:

  • Online and digital businesses across a range of sectors
  • Smartphone app development
  • Gaming and entertainment platforms
  • Retail and retail support systems
  • Clean energy platforms and technology
  • Financial services and payment gateways

LaunchPad Capital is in particular looking to both fund businesses and also assist founders with long-term strategic thinking and planning – a unique skillset for the guys at LaunchPad Capital.

Entrepreneurs Looking for Concept Stage Funding

Here at LendingHub we get contacted by a lot of entrepreneurs looking for capital and support to launch a new venture however to date the Australian market has lacked a deep venture capital industry that supports very early stage business opportunities.

If you have an original concept or a unique business model for addressing a particular business issue or challenge then put together a quick pitch and get in touch with the guys at LaunchPad Capital.

Things you’ll need to address are:

  • What makes your venture unique or different?
  • How much funding do you need and how will you use it?
  • What are the specific competitive factors of your industry?
  • Expected revenue and profitability over 1-3 years?

When Will LaunchPad Capital be Ready to Invest in Opportunities?

LaunchPad Capital is meeting entrepreneurs over the next 2-3 months and will be fully ready to invest in opportunities by the end of November 2011. If you are keen to get a partner and support for your business it is suggested to get in touch now.

How to Get Started

Simply send the guys at LaunchPad Capital an email at pitch [at] launchpadcap .com with a quick overview of your concept or business.