Simple Cap Table for an Ordinary Shares Investor 1 year ago

Equity Shareholdings Cap Table

Capitalisation Table

We’ve created a simple Cap Table with an equity (ordinary share) issue to the founders followed by an ordinary share issue to an investor at a later date.

There’s a number of Cap Tables available however many of them deal with more venture capital raisings that include Preferred Stock and Convertible Notes (we’ll deal with those in a separate model later).


Simple Cap Table for Startup Ventures


Why Ordinary Shares?

Commonly in Australia seed and angel investors invest on a common or ordinary shares basis with the same voting rights as the founders and with no liquidation priority.

This model can be easily adjusted to add multiple founders, employees, options and investors.


When to Use Preferred Stock and Convertible Notes

When you are doing a capital raising from multiple investors consider Convertible Notes, SAFE, Convertible Equity as an alternative to a straight equity issue as they offer advantages in terms of speed of issue and reduced due diligence requirements.

Preferred stock will normally be requested by Venture Capital funds or institutional investors with either non-participating or participating structures and liquidation preferences and liquidation multiples.


Download the Simple Cap Table

Here’s the link to the Simple Cap Table that is free to download and use. Of course, always remember to seek professional advice of course when issuing shares.