What is Social Lending: How to Borrow Online 17 years ago

Whether you are a small-scale business entrepreneur or if a housewife who needs funds for a home improvement project, you can start to take advantage from something that is getting all the hype in the Internet today. It is called social lending, where the concept is similar to borrowing money from friends or family. If you borrow money from banks or traditional lending companies, they will usually charge you with high interest rates even though you only need a few thousand dollars. In the end, because there is a need for the money to be on hand immediately, you would just decide to live with such high interest rates. This problem is eliminated with social lending – which is also called P2P loans (peer-to-peer) which may often even be categorised community loans. Typically, companies which provide these services use the Web 2.0 technology and are online based, so they are also called P2P lending and borrowing sites. There general goal is to provide better interest rates than borrowing from a bank or a lending institution. Zopa.com, Prosper.com and Circlelending.com are examples of P2P sites.

Lendinghub.com.au is the very first site of this kind in Australia which will very soon launch to help online users get fairer rates on loans, using a community-centred site which is safe and simple to use. Online users can both borrow or lend money using these types of sites. If you are a borrower, you can check out the loan rates being offered prior to registering. If you find the rates to your satisfaction, you can then register online through the P2P site that you would like to use. During the registration process, you will learn about the terms, conditions and qualifications that you need to meet. This new way of lending and borrowing money, where you can take advantage of more reasonable rates in a community-centred website, is a breath of fresh air as compared to dealing with impersonal banks and lending institutions.