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What ICO Marketers Can Learn from Persuasion Experts 3 months ago

ICO Marketers are faced with a difficult task. Unlike the marketing departments of large corporations, initial coin offerings and their respective projects usually operate on a shoe-string budget. As such, marketers for crypto-projects end up adopting alternative, guerilla …

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QuantSpring - Financial & Data Analysis Platform 6 years ago

Introducing QuantSpring Financial Analysis Market is a new financial and Data Analysis platform launched by one of the LendingHub founders. QuantSpring connects businesses that need financial analysis work completed and data projects with financial analysts, advisers and data …

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Using Person to Person Lending Platforms for Rural Development 11 years ago

Rural and regional based businesses and communities around Australia often face the dilemma of how and where to raise funds for local development projects. The number of rural focused lenders whilst highly specialised is small and usually focused …

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