Welcome to the Launch of Kapitalized Startup Advisory 2 years ago

Today we launch Kapitalized.com an advisory firm specialised in early stage ventures, seed funding and SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises).

What do we do?

We provide advisory services on a daily, short term project basis or longer term partnership basis to help accelerate your business in key areas which are typically:

  • Turning concepts into viable ventures
  • Identifying the right business models for your venture
  • Challenging your business plans
  • Adding our combined experience to your advisory board or management team
  • Raising capital and bringing onboard new directors
  • Helping launch your business and manage key projects

Types of Businesses We Can Help

We help all sorts of concepts and SMEs particularly digital businesses, digitally enabled businesses, platforms and market type ventures, Food and Beverage, Real Estate projects and scalable markets such as Health and Fintech.