Strategy Advisory

We Help Founders and Companies Innovate

We help drive innovation in corporates and private companies looking to grow and challenge their existing business models. We do this through strategic advisory that focuses on identifying structural challenges to idea creation and establishing environments and ecosystems that focus on problem solving and long-term thinking.

Innovation, Disruption and Market Strategies

We specialise in disruptive models such as p2p lending, decentralised or distributed ledger technologies, blockchain and marketplace models that allow startups to disrupt incumbent players.

Product and Operations

We help decompose operational and product challenges to simplify your operational model, reduce costs and align your business model with revenues.

Product and Service Pricing

With deep experience in pricing elasticity and a range of industries we can help analyse your current pricing (or proposed pricing model for startups) to understand the most ideal price range offset against product margins and cost of service.

Portfolio Growth

Specifically for portfolio companies or investment funds we decompose drivers by underlying asset and help develop forecast financial profiles based on key scenarios.