Pre-ICO Audits and Due Diligence Reviews

Initial Coin Offering and Token Venture Audits and Investor Verification

ICO Audits - Project Due Diligence

What is an ICO Audit?

An ICO Audit is a structured due diligence review of your venture, team and token offering designed to verify and rate the quality of your project. An ICO Audit lasts about 1-2 weeks depending on the availability of information from your team and assesses all the key aspects of your offer to ensure that your project is:

  • A genuine ICO (and not a scam)
  • Backed by real people with experience
  • Based on a sound token economy structure
  • Offered through a transparent legal strcuture
  • Provides a genuinely large and disruptive opportunity
  • Implements sound governance procedures

Materials Review For an ICO Audit

We review a number of information elements of your venture including public and private information, such as your legal structure, financials, team CVs and business plan in addition to the whitepaper and financial model. Our process includes:

  • Whitepaper readability
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Legal structure examination
  • Review of your token economy
  • Financial model and forecasts
  • Team member identification
  • Business plan review
  • Legal structuring
  • Governance and oversight

ICO Audit Program and Key Steps

ICO Audit Program

Key Benefits of an ICO Audit

Trust & Confidence

Audited and reviewed ICO projects have greater trust and confidence with buyers of your tokens.

Marketing Boost

Pitch your ICO as having been audited which will help market your project.

Improved Quality

Identify fundamental issues and problems with your ICO and whitepaper early, pre-ICO.


Prove to your customers, token buyers and partners that you are accountable.

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