Create Innovation

We Help People and Companies Innovate

We help drive innovation in corporates and private companies looking to grow and challenge their existing business models. We do this through strategic advisory that focuses on identifying structural challenges to idea creation and establishing environments and ecosystems that focus on problem solving and long-term thinking.

Innovation Program for Corporates

We methodically assess and review the barriers within your organisation to understand why and where you want to innovate. Typically organisations that have had long histories of success struggle define their challenges and are unable to pivot their businesses when competition increases or their core business starts to become less profitable.

The first step is an in depth breakdown and decomposition of the business and its key drivers – this identifies challenges and roadblocks to reform and change.

The next step is to identify growth opportunities and new models that will allow the organisation to pivot. These opportunities can include launching new ventures, internal restructuring, pivoting the core business model or acquisitions.

The final step is defining a structure and process that allows innovation and growth opportunities to develop – this can include mentoring of staff, workshops and establishing the right structures that drive innovation and investment.


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