Pitch Review

Venture Concept Pitch Review and Feedback Session

We help entrepreneurs get started with a free concept pitch review and feedback session. To initiate send us a brief synopsis of your concept via email at hello@kapitalized.com.

Our review provides an impartial advice on your concept and helps identifies challenges, risks and implementation obstacles that might deter investors and venture capitalists from investing in your business.

Through the Pitch Review we help identify these issues early so we can bring focus on the key drivers and key elements that need focus from you as the visionaries of the the venture.

Session Format

Pitch review sessions are usually for new clients one of the following stages:

  • Concept or pure idea development
  • Early-stage startups looking to take a growth step
  • Later stage ventures with a strategic pathway in mind
  • Ventures that have struggled and are contemplating pivoting


Time: Pitch and concept reviews usually take about 2 hrs

Detail: We go into the financial and business model detail

Information: We will be reviewing your business plan, current pitch deck and financials


Expected Outcomes

We expect to identify the quality of the proposed project, assess whether you need a strategic advisor and likely next steps which may include going back to the drawing board, identifying whether the market opportunity exists or starting a corporate transaction such as a capital raising.

Key Elements of the Pitch Deck

Pitch to us your concept before going to market so we can help you evaluate and provide feedback on a few key elements, including:

Market Opportunity: Understand the opportunity and market gap, help quantify this against some key metrics and review whether the opportunity can be substantiated in some form.

Business Model: Review of the proposed business model that is intended to address the market opportunity and compare this to existing business models, competitors and determine is there are alternative solutions.

Revenue Drivers: Define the business model and key operational drivers, flex the key variables to derive set of hypothetical revenues based on the market assumptions.

Execution Capability: Review the team capabilities and execution plan to assess areas that will challenge the launch and build of the venture.

Financial Profile: Review the financial projections against industry benchmarks, growth rates and key margins.


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