Corporate & Deal Advisory

Deal advisory for growing corporates, SMBs and startups seeking to raise capital, acquire competitors, launch new products and realise value through a trade-sale or IPO

Strategic and Financial Growth Advisers

Kapitalized Deal Advisory specialises in helping micro-cap, SMB and startups undertake complex deals and projects minimising risk for founders and shareholders whilst maximising strategic outcomes.

Deals we specialise in include raising capital (equity, debt and ICOs), acquisitions, founder exits, building new products and drafting strategy and business plans.

Helping Ventures from Concept to Trade Sale

Startup Advisory from Concept to Trade Sale

Value Focused Outcomes

We focus on delivering value to client projects through an outcomes based approach

Shareholder Value

We create million dollar value for shareholders through strategic vision and deal making capabilities

Financial Insights

Every project we undertake with you is financially focused based on financial science and business drivers

Navigate Complexities

We help simplify complex projects with multiple stakeholders with often conflicting needs, allowing management to focus on the business

Raise Capital

Raise capital for startups and SMBs looking to grow and build disruptive solutions to traditional industries.

Raise capital for your venture from angel investors, corporate sponsors, venture capital or lenders. We help articulate your venture’s value proposition and USP and undertake all the work required to prepare you to raise capital.

If you’re venture is blockchain or token technology based consider an Initial Coin Offering as an alternative funding pathway.

Kapitalized Advisory for Raising Capital
Kapitalized Advisory for Strategy & Innovation

Innovation, Disruption & Strategy

We help articulate innovative and disruptive models for founders of startups and corporates seeking to regain relevance in fast paced competiive markets

With extensive experience developing corporate and business strategies for ASX listed companies we are very familiar with identifying target outcomes, execution plans and finding opportunities. We analyse market spaces and identify market sizing, pricing models and competitive dynamics – understanding these elements is critical to developing successful strategies and navigating changing markets.

Additionally, we have extensive experience with traditional markets that are being disintermediated by agile startups such as Media, Banking, Insurance and Health. We can develop strategic responses for boards of directors and senior management teams.

Product Development

Develop a strategic approach to product development and management of code developers and partners.

Product development should be aligned with your venture or corporate strategy and must build value and meet core objectives rather than just develop code. We help develop strategic plans for product development that includes user needs, UI/UX planning and articulation of roadmaps.

We work with product managers, developers and designers to help you build working products that can actually address real market opportunities.

Kapitalized Advisory for Product Launches
Kapitalized Advisory for Buying or Selling Ventures

Acquisitions , Trade Sales & IPOs

Mergers and acquisitions advisory for founders looking to realise value through a trade sale, management buy-in or IPO.

Having advised both buyers and sellers of multitudes of businesses we have a wealth of experience with mergers, acquisitions, divestment and exits including trade sales and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

We work with business owners looking to acquire competitors or exit their venture – we undertake all aspects of an M&A deal including due diligence, finding buyers, managing bid processes and negotiating termsheets and sale and purchase agreements.

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    Project Advisory Packages

    Capital Raising
    4+ Weeks
    • Preparation for a capital raising
    • Value and service proposition
    • Investor offer summary
    • Financial modelling
    • Investor discussions
    • Termsheet negotiations
    M&A, MBO or Exit
    8+ Weeks
    • Business strategic plan
    • Financial model and forecasts
    • Valuation
    • Exit options
    • Auction process management
    • Buyer/vendor due diligence
    • Sale agreement negotiation
    Strategic Advisory
    Project or Ongoing role
    • Market analysis
    • Opportunity and USP articulation
    • Strategic planning
    • Product build and management
    • Strategy & Finance role
    • Partner pitches and negotiations