Raise Capital

We help entrepreneurs and founders raise capital for their ventures through equity capital raisings, debt capital or convertible notes.

Capital raisingsĀ can be time consuming and fraught with negative feedback – we help manage the process, create the right pitch documents and financial models and can partner with you at pitch meetings with investors.

We cater for ventures looking to raise equity or debt in these stages:

>> Concept and seed stage

>> Early-stage and late stage startups (Series A and venture capital rounds)

>> Mature SMBs that can grow through a mix of convertible notes, debt or equity

>> Pre-IPO and IPO equity issues and capital structuring


The Process

Raising capital is a multi-stage process with the best prepared companies having the best opportunity to pitch and raise funds.

We work with you through the entire process:

  1. Understand and provide impartial feedback on your concept / vision
  2. Build the financial basis, model and forecasts
  3. Identify the venture’s valuation – this forms the basis for equity given to new investors
  4. Assess whether equity, debt or convertible notes are the best opportunity
  5. Outline the best use of funds and capital raising stages
  6. Create the pitch deck for investor discussions
  7. Help with pitches and investor discussions


Our Capital Raising Fees

Financial Model + Pitchdeck – $4,900 + GST

Information Memorandum – $9,900 to $15,000 + GST (depending on complexity)

Source investors – usually a percentage fee of the capital raised

Advisory board or board director role – usually an equity percentage or monthly retainer


To get started Book a Free Pitch Deck Review Session or Contact Us with information about your venture and vision.

Invest in Early-Stage Ventures

As the startup space evolves rapidly in Australia opportunities to invest with and partner with building new and innovative businesses continues to expand.

There are three key types of investment processes that we facilitate:

  • Acquisitions and Management Buy-Outs / Buy-Ins (MBOs and MBIs)
  • Investment in Startups and Early-Stage Ventures
  • Partnerships and Sponsoring

Investment Process

The process includes identifying opportunities in the market that match selected investment criteria, due diligence on target acquisitions and negotiation with vendors. Through this managed process we help eliminateĀ opportunities that don’t meet your criteria and focus on targets that have the right model, metrics and factors tat suit your investment profile.

Contact us to start a conversation about identifying and managing an investment in a target opportunity.

Convertible Notes

At KAPITALIZED we specialise in convertible notes issues for startups and venture capital. Convertible notes are a debt/equity hybrid form of raising capital with a interest component and a conversion into equity model at a predefined value or point in time.

Benefits of Convertible Notes

ConNotes offer fast and easy capital raisings with lower due diligence requirements and contractual paperwork. They also allow entrepreneurs to retain greater equity whilst providing upside potential for investors.

>> See How to Raise Capital via a Convertible Note


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