Startup Program

Build, Launch and Accelerate Your Venture

Our Acceleration and Incubator program helps focus early-stage and concept stage ventures on maturing quickly to access partners, capital and launch as quickly as possible.

At the concept stage we engage with founders and corporate owners to develop execution plans, identify and hire management talent and undertake hands on execution of key phases of the launch.



We help entrepreneurs evolve their ideas into fully-fledged business models, backed by financials, market sizing and clear execution pathways. Great businesses are based on a solid foundation of market knowledge, competitor insights and an intuitive understanding of customer needs and trends.


Building your venture requires a clear pitch – we help build out your pitchdeck and pitch materials with clear messages capture the key elements that potential partners, investors and first employees need to hear and understand. The focus is on what is the challenge and solution, the USP, market structure and opportunity and ability to execute on your vision.


Building a forecast model and sizing the opportunity can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs, we build the operational and financial model that allows you and investors to size the opportunity based on a range of key driver assumptions. The forecast model helps define what is critical to achieve for the venture in terms of pricing, margins and behaviour of costs as the business grows.


To fund and drive your venture you will need to raise capital – we help you lay the foundations for a capital raising and target a number of different channels. Foundation work starts with your business model, financial projections, a clear execution strategy and establishing the right team with a skillset covering strategy, technical, marketing and sales.


Most early stage businesses struggle to gain traction and momentum… through the Accelerate program provide mentoring, advisory and hands on expertise in a range of areas that entrepreneurs often find complex or challenging.

Our Accelerate program includes a range of initial advisory activities to ensure the venture concept is likely to be viable including concept review, financial modelling, market assessment and venture structuring.

The Accelerate program includes an advisory for equity component, a structured development pathway and identification of clear goals and outcomes within a short time frame typically 12 to 16 weeks.

…building a new business takes a unique combination of vision, insights, technical expertise and an unwavering perseverance and dedication to creating, designing, pitching and chasing market share against vast odds.

Building a new business from scratch is difficult, takes time and an agile approach – your first iteration of your business plan is unlikely to be the last. We’ve helped entrepreneurs create value, build new revenue streams, pivot their business at various stages of their venture’s life-cycle. Key elements that require focus are:

  • What is your business model and is it scalable as you acquire new customers
  • Is the offering differentiated from your competitors
  • Are you able to execute your plan on a shoestring budget with limited resources
  • How fast can you get to market and start to demonstrate your product


The Kapitalized Incubator nurtures early stage and concept stage ventures through:

  • Advisory and mentorship
  • Structured planning, strategy and approach to execution
  • Development of financial metrics and analytics
  • Lean startup methodology in building your venture at the earliest stage
  • Introductions and pitching
  • Access to the shared workspace at on O’Riordan St Alexandria NSW Australia

In return we set you goals and targets to achieve and share in your journey and vision through our equity program.


Start your journey with a quick overview of the opportunity and your vision… we provide feedback on every application.


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