Specialised token economy and security token (STO) services for blockchain and decentralised ledger ventures.
  • Campaign management
  • Whitepaper drafting
  • ICO Audits
  • Token economy design
  • Vetting & Due diligence
  • Anti-money Laundering compliance
  • ICO marketing
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    Our ICO & STO Approach

    Our approach on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or Token Offers is to work with founders of ventures that seeking to disrupt large scale industries using blockchain or decentralised ledger technologies often in conjunction with Internet of Things (IoT) technology or Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

    We undertake end to end project management and often work with founders to help establish the venture, structure the company and negotiate with multiple venture stakeholders.

    All the ventures we work with have undergone extensive due diligence and have undertaken detailed strategic and product planning in conjunction with Kapitalized to ensure that ICO campaigns are based on viable and disruptive concepts.

    Token Issuance Services

    ICO Management

    Campaign planning, key milestones and management of stakeholders for successful ICO campaigns

    Whitepaper Drafting

    We draft whitepapers and offer summaries that focus on unique value propositions and articulate messages

    Token Economies

    Design your token and coin economy and identify value drivers and economy mechanics

    ICO Marketing

    Planning and managing marketing campaigns for token offerings with targeted audiences and venture proposition

    Blockchain Design

    Blockchain and smart contract if/this then/that design and functionality requirements aligned with user needs.

    Know Your Customer

    KYC management processes and compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

    Venture Governance

    Venture and stakeholder governance processes and ensuring your ICO is transparent and delivers on your stated objectives

    Due Diligence

    Pre-ICO commercial, technical and token offering due diligence to ensure that founders and ventures are capable of delivering on stated objectives

    What is an Initial Coin Offering?

    A new way of raising funds for startups that displaces traditional angel investors and venture capital funds.

    An Initial Coin Offering, also known as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether. It is occasionally described as being similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) where a company sells shares to the public and lists on a stock exchange. However, the key distinction being that the majority of token offerings do not consider themselves an issue of securities and usually ICOs are undertaken to provide funding to build a new product.

    What is an ICO or Token Offering

    At Kapitalized we take the view that a correctly structured token offering is not an issue of securities as tokens do not provide a guaranteed participation in the profits or equity of the company, nor voting rights nor power over the company.

    Tokens we believe are offerings to people to purchase a cryptocurrency that is driven by the underlying economy of the business, scarcity of the coin and demand for the services offered by the business.

    ICO Campaign Management

    Full ICO Campaign Management

    End to end Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign management and advisory services for launching new token sales.

    We undertake full service end-to-end project management for token offerings or ICOs. Our services include venture due diligence, token economy structuring, identification of funds required for development, whitepaper drafting and ICO marketing.

    Whilst many ICO campaigns have been conducted in just a few weeks – we believe in planning and preparation.

    Allow 4-6 weeks to prepare you business, team and draft the whitepaper and online materials.

    Allow at least 4 weeks for your token offering period, which will include intense marketing and customer support through channels such as Slack, Telegram and Reddit.

    Additionally for earlier cornerstone buyers of your tokens (pre-ICO) they may need to undertake some due diligence investigations into the venture – we manage all buyer Q&A and due diligence reviews for you.

    Whitepaper Drafting

    We draft investment summaries, litepapers and whitepapers that articulate your token economics, use of funds and product vision.

    We draft technical whitepapers that articulate your product and token economy mechanics in a way that non-technical audiences can comprehend.

    Whitepapers need to include:

    • An explanation of the token economy
    • Use of funds
    • Allocation of tokens
    • Timeline and roadmap
    • Team overview
    • Industry metrics
    • Competitor assessment

    Additionally we would also like to see:

    • Governance and operational transparency
    • Clarity of language (plain English rather than technical jargon)
    • Fairness of the token offer, including escrow
    Token and ICO Whitepaper

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      ICO Advisory Packages

      2 Weeks
      • Whitepaper drafting
      • USP articulation
      • Use of Funds
      • Token economy function
      • Product vision
      • Market analysis
      • Fixed fee pricing
      Pre-ICO Preparation
      4-6 Weeks
      • Prepare for an ICO
      • Venture strategy review
      • Whitepaper drafting or review
      • Financial modelling
      • Investor summary
      • Token economy structure
      • Team and advisory board
      • Marketing approach
      • Strategic partners
      • Fixed + success fees
      Full ICO Campaign
      6+ Weeks
      • Full Campaign management
      • Advisory plus execution
      • Whitepaper package
      • Pre-ICO package
      • Marketing plan
      • Campaign Launch
      • Funds collection
      • KYC compliance
      • Post-ICO governance
      • Fixed + success fees