Lending Hub is Changing and Relaunching Soon! 9 years ago

Lending Hub is Relaunching

Lending Hub is changing very soon! After launching as Australia’s first personal loans P2P marketplace, Lending Hub has been in hiatus over the past 12 months, however we have a new plan, market focus and will be relaunching very soon in 2015!

Rebranding Lending Hub

We will be rebranding Lending Hub to a new and better name for the Australina market that reflects our P2P business model and allows us to tap into a specific and unique segment of the lending market … this new business model will be a first for Australia and only one of two globally.

Investors in our New P2P Platform

Later in 2015 we will be opening our platform to investors looking to invest in loans and we will also be looking at undertaking an equity capital raising to allow us to drive growth in the business and build this Australian first.

Who is Behind the New P2P Lending Business

The founder of Lending Hub Ivan Mantelli is the driving force behind the rebrand and the peer lending platform. Ivan Mantelli effectively founded peer to peer lending in Australia as has sometimes been referred to as the King of P2P having built a market leading platform in Australia at a time when consumers and regulators were still wary of the concept and long before banks thought of investing in p2p platforms as an alternative to their traditional banking model.

What is Happening in the Australian P2P market?

The P2p market in Australia has seen an explosion in platforms and interest in 2014 and this interest will spur further development and allow for some of these markets to build liquid markets. We expect the personal unsecured loan space to become crowded over the next 2-3 years and as such we have developed a new unique concept…stay tuned over the coming months for our rebrand and relaunch!